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Pre-Construction Consultation is a crucial stage that sets the foundation for a successful construction project.

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Design Meets Execution

Petree Construction's Design & Build Services offer a streamlined approach to construction, harmonizing design and execution into a seamless process. Our team collaborates closely with clients to translate their vision into architectural plans, and then takes the reins to bring those plans to life. Through this integrated approach, we ensure consistency in quality, cost-efficiency, and timely completion. From initial sketches to the final structure, our Design & Build Services encapsulate the full spectrum of construction, delivering results that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

Advantages of Design & Build

  1. Single Point of Contact: You'll deal with a single entity for both design and construction, streamlining communication and accountability.

  2. Cost and Time Efficiency: Since the design and construction teams work together, it's easier to stick to budgets and timelines.

  3. Quality Control: The integrated approach allows for a higher degree of oversight, ensuring quality at every step.

  4. Flexibility: Changes can be made more easily and efficiently, even during the construction phase.

  5. Collaborative Approach: The Design & Build model fosters better collaboration among team members, resulting in a more cohesive final product.

Shopping Mall Construction
Shopping Mall Construction
Shopping Mall Construction
Shopping Mall Construction

"Building Tomorrow, Today. Your Vision, Our Expertise."

Petree Construction utilizes a forward-thinking approach while focusing on the collaborative nature while working with clients

Design & Build Services

This approach offers a seamless, start-to-finish building experience that integrates both the design and construction phases. Here's a more detailed look at what we offer:

Architectural Planning
  • Collaborate closely with clients to understand their vision and requirements.
  • Produce initial sketches and concept designs.
  • Use advanced software to create detailed architectural plans.
Engineering Design
3D Modeling and BIM
Interior and Exterior Design
Arvest Building Construction
Firststar Bank Construction

Project Showcase

Explore our portfolio of completed projects, showcasing our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Commercial Construction
Sebastian County EMC
Aspen Dental Building Construction
Greendwood Dominos Building Construction
Arvest Bank